Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MOMz Hot ROCKs the London Blogosphere

Fresh from The Factory of London, "nifty things by the friendly people of moodboard,"
Deb Henderson has crafted and posted a hot rockin blog to the moodboard blog and the blogpaper.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

MOMz Hot ROCKs the Naples International Film Festival

The Naples International Film Festival, year one, is one of the most well run festivals I have seen. Kudos to the entire staff, especially Ellen Goldberg and Tim Smith who went above and beyond to make the festival one of the best fest experiences to date.

Special thanks to Nancy Stetson of the

Our very own Mensa member Rachel Yellow of Placenta was quoted "I was thinking about the mom thing. You're shoved into this box, and you're marginalized and silenced and alienated and exhausted and you have all of your resources stripped from you. And I was like, : Damn! That's like being punk rocker!"

Here's a pdf, look what a layout can do.