Friday, April 8, 2011

LA Weekly Picks MOMz Hot ROCKs

LA Weekly chooses this Monday's, April, 11, 1011 Documental Screening of MOMz Hot ROCKs as a pick of the week GoLA event.
Everyone is invited and it's free at 8pm at the UnUrban Cafe in Santa Monica.

Here's the full listing.

Mom! You're Embarrassing Me!

By Libby Molyneaux

"TURN DOWN THAT INFERNAL RACKET!" is a phrase parents often bark at their unruly brood. But in the case of Kate Perotti's documentary MOMz Hot ROCKs, the sonic barrage is coming from the moms themselves. Perotti introduces us to mom bands from around the country with such names as the Mydols, Housewives on Prozac, Placenta — you get the idea — and song titles like "Eat Your Damn Spaghetti!" Perotti got the idea for the film eight years ago when she was researching women who rock. "I wanted to showcase some of the talent, creativity and humor. Currently, in 2011, there is definitely a large connected international community of mom rockers," she says. How are the sacrifices rocker moms make any different from rocker dads? "Think room service versus diaper service. No need to pour whiskey on your wrist before emptying the bottle. And I would just say, outfits." MOMz Hot ROCKs screens as part of the Documental Film Series.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

ZagrebDox 2011 hosts MOMz Hot ROCKs

Many thanks to the amazing town and staff of the 2011 ZagrebDox International Documentary Film Festival held last week, February 26th-March 6th in Croatia. An incredible mélange of North, South, East and West. The people are overwhelmingly gracious and nice, the food and drink simply wonderful. Thank you again for hosting MOMz Hot ROCKs as part of the Musical Globe Programme. I was one of only two Americans to attend, a true honor and memorable screening. The best part was seeing the translation to Hrvatski jezik.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Awesome Mama Ondi Timoner directs COOL IT, a bold new vision from Bjorn Lomborg, author of "The Skeptical Environmentalist."

It opens this Friday on select screens, look it up, it's a go to/keep it in mind movie. The conversation continues about what we can do individually and globally to address environmental concerns. It debunks much of the information in An Inconvenient Truth and poses multiple strategies that will take increased research and development as a society as a whole. I saw it this evening at the 92Y Tribeca with Ondi and Bjorn present, I hope the reception everywhere is as grand. The film is dense with information, simultaneously entertaining and engaging. A striking endeavor that piques the brain to imagine what we can accomplish on a macro level in our micro world. Congratulations to the filmmakers, another relevant act for change.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

MOMz Hot ROCKs off the Charts: Mydols Open for The B-52's TONIGHT!

Dreams do come true!

It's official, Detroit's fab four, The Mydols, are opening for THE B-52s TONIGHT in Detroit!
Can't wait for the footage from the stages of Sound Board at Motorcity Casino Hotel.
I am gushing for them, I LOVE the B-52s, possibly the funnest band ever.
Congratulations and Break A Leg!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Doc Miami Rocks MOMz Hot ROCKs!

Thank you Doc Miami for presenting MOMz Hot ROCKs with The Most Entertaining film award of this year's festival.
The DocMiami International Film Festival, showcased three days of cutting edge documentary filmmakers and three nights of outstanding music concerts, in a celebration of documentary filmmaking at a global level nestled in sunny South Florida. The festival brought together emerging documentary filmmakers, students’ grades 6-12, as well as film and music enthusiasts in a truly bohemian, one-of-a-kind event. DocMiami’s music concerts benefit the non-profit, Brick by Brick for Tanzania, where performers such as: Melton Mustafa, Tito Puente, Jr., Fito Espinola and others have contributed their talents to assist school children in Tanzania whom are combating not only poverty but also a drought, hunger and the AIDS crisis.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Arts in the One World conference presents MOMz Hot ROCKs and so much more

Arts in the One World is an annual gathering; this is the fifth convening. Pulling together students, faculty, practitioners and activists across disciplines, from immediate and international communities, framing presentations and conversations open to the school and the general public. AOW explore various ways artistic, political, and historical purposes intersect (through reconciliation, the recovery of historical memory, and advocacy for justice).

First convened in January 2006 by Erik Ehn, then Director of the Theater Department at CalArts, currently Head of Playwrighting at Brown University, this year the conference expanded to the Brown campus, March 17-21.

AOW is truly unique and conjures powerful moving dialogue, performance and presentations that give voice to those sometimes pushed aside, asunder or simply forgotten and ignored.

MOMz Hot ROCKs is truly grateful and honored to have been a small part, screening Saturday, March 21, 2010.

Anyone who has time to explore and be part of Arts in the One World will not only become more informed and aware of world communites, but will see and feel the direct connection we all share no matter what side the issue or world we are standing on.