Saturday, May 16, 2009

MOMz shows with the Mydols in Muskegon Michigan in May


here we go to Muskegon on the lake to the Muskegon Film Festival!

The schedule will be announced shortly, the fest takes place May 30 and 31st. 

I unfortunately cannot get there, I'll be in NYC at the Mamapalooza conference and festival butMOMz Hot ROCKs SUPERSTARS Pat and Kara of the Mydols are going to try to get there. Muskegon is still a few hours from Detroit, I know that's nothing for these girls who can put this road trip in their pocket.  I wish I was going with these two, they are a blast.  I spent a good bit with them during the making of the movie, however, most of my time with them was having too much fun off camera!

I'll ask them to send picks to post and cross fingers they're in focus!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Reno, here we come!

How could I say no to this?

Hello Kate.. you had submitted your film for competition to the Reno Film Festival; however, our Festival competition is limited to Indie SHORT films..those that are 40 minutes or less - and therefore your film does not qualify for competition..  I believe Jeff, our committee chair has contacted you with that information already.      . BUT  we did enjoy it and would like to screen it during the festival, even tho it is not in competition.  Would that be ok with you?

so it will screen Sunday June 21st at 9pm to close their festival! They said it will be "projected outdoors on a hollywood lounge style hotel rooftop."  How awesome it that.  Reno, here we come!   and more details to follow.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

MOMZ to Dances with Films

Psyched to say that MOMz Hot ROCKs has been selected for the 2009 12th Annual Dances with Films Festival here in Los Angeles.  It's a very cool one, filmmakers supporting filmmakers, and screenings at one of my favorite theaters, the Sunset Laemmle!  
Another great thing is that it's supported by my adored Canon.  
One of the prizes is the new HD A1 which I would love to use to shoot my next film.  MOMz Hot ROCKs was shot entirely with the Canon XL1, I bought it just for this film.  Canon was also great enough, via Jung Jin Ahn, to send the top of the line hand held flip screen mini dvd to me for 3 months.  I asked for it then sent it to Daisy Riddle, Suzy Riddle of Frump's daughter to document their road trip from Houston to NYC.  I'll post some of it day...when it would be the best to get some funds to archive material for the Museum of Motherhood.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mother's Month of May

May 1st means every day is Mother's Day this month.

Start celebrating now!

If you happen to be in Los Angeles, on Sunday May 3rd at 3pm, there is a Special Benefit Show of Cheerios in My Underwear in Santa Monica at The Promenade Playhouse.  Come out, laugh and be dazzled by Amy Simon's longest running solo Ain't No Fairy Tale Production in LA.

The Event is sponsored by LA Parent and Mamapalooza!

Stick around for the "Moms who Write" Essay Performance Series.

The benefit is for the newly formed Motherhood Foundation and Beyond Shelter.  

It's a tax deductible $20 for a ticket of fun.