Monday, March 22, 2010

Arts in the One World conference presents MOMz Hot ROCKs and so much more

Arts in the One World is an annual gathering; this is the fifth convening. Pulling together students, faculty, practitioners and activists across disciplines, from immediate and international communities, framing presentations and conversations open to the school and the general public. AOW explore various ways artistic, political, and historical purposes intersect (through reconciliation, the recovery of historical memory, and advocacy for justice).

First convened in January 2006 by Erik Ehn, then Director of the Theater Department at CalArts, currently Head of Playwrighting at Brown University, this year the conference expanded to the Brown campus, March 17-21.

AOW is truly unique and conjures powerful moving dialogue, performance and presentations that give voice to those sometimes pushed aside, asunder or simply forgotten and ignored.

MOMz Hot ROCKs is truly grateful and honored to have been a small part, screening Saturday, March 21, 2010.

Anyone who has time to explore and be part of Arts in the One World will not only become more informed and aware of world communites, but will see and feel the direct connection we all share no matter what side the issue or world we are standing on.