Friday, October 16, 2009

Today on Mom Culture

check this out.

Lenore Rabatin did a lovely review and article on MOMz Hot ROCKs.
The site features a different artist every week this one was about developing one's inner ROCK STAR. Keep on the lookout of what promises to be a gaggle of laundry room bands from Minneapolis. Prince beware.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


How could we forget to blurt out that MOMz Hot ROCKs won the Viola M. Marshall Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Rhode Island International Film Festival last month?

It must be because of overwhelming humility.

In fact, I, Kate Perotti was at the festival, was outside of the awards banquet trying to say hello and thank you to the festival director George Marshall for putting on such a successful event in Providence when I saw that he was already on the podium speaking. It was a gorgeous summer day. My wonderful Aunt Madeline and Uncle Bill and Madeline's mother Ann were waiting in the car while I grabbed my posters from the filmmakers lounge. I couldn't see how I would win an award with 234 other great films in the festival and decided to spend my last day in Providence eating the local fare, visiting their friends house restoration projects, going to yard sales, and eating more local fare...

It was only two weeks ago that I found out MOMz Hot ROCKs got the Audience Award (tying with Rock Prophecies).