Friday, March 20, 2009

Come out TONIGHT for Loene Carmen from Australia at SXSW

All you SXSW swarmers, come out TONIGHT 9pm to Stephen F's Bar, 701 Congress Street, Austin, TX and show some love to Loene Carmen!

Loene came through Los Angeles on her way to Austin last weekend and played at the Echo in my neighborhood for the Aussie BBQ. She was amazing, solo with an electric guitar she held her own and drew the crowd closer at a club usually packed with bouncing full size bands.  Her lyrics are lingering, crafted with Nashville mastery and georgeous string playing.

I've known Loene for a long time, she, her daughter and partner at the time sang a song on an album I produced for my son's preschool, Schooloaf:  Everything but the Crust Vol. 1. Her daughter Holiday is now 18 and in a band of her own, BRIDEZILLA with a large following and airplay to boot!

If you are in SXSW sieze this chance to see the lovely Loene.

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